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If you regularly use a PC all you need is a webcam and award-winning Postureminder software to help improve your posture and reduce your risk of back pain


The Easy Solution to Improve Your Posture

Postureminder is software designed to help you improve your computer posture, protect your back and adopt healthier working habits

Postureminder’s state-of-the-art posture reminder feature actively detects when you've been sitting in a damaging posture for a few minutes, and provides a friendly reminder to help you achieve better posture

It's the easy-to-use and intelligent way to improve your posture daily, and reduce your risk of developing back pain and other computer-related aches and pains

Here's how it works:

1: Use Postureminder's built-in training materials to learn about good posture
2: Sit in a good posture at your PC and let Postureminder take an image using your webcam
3: Postureminder continually checks how you're sitting compared to your reference image
4: Postureminder will automatically remind you to change your position if you sit in a damaging posture for an extended period of time


Postureminder also provides break reminders to take regular short breaks from your computer, a hydration diary, stretch exercises to relieve muscle tension and full ergonomic training materials

All this in one seamless, low-cost package. All features are completely under your control so you can use just what works for you, and adjust the settings to suit your personal working style

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About Postureminder

Postureminder was created by computer vision scientist and Oxford University graduate Dr Philip Worthington

Having used computers for many years at work and home, Phil's personal experience of lower back pain led him to create Postureminder as a simple low-cost way to help computer users improve their posture Postureminder's founder Dr Philip Worthington

Phil says: "I wanted to make it easy for computer users like myself to improve their posture and protect their health. With Postureminder I've created a simple solution for every PC user who cares about their posture or suffers back pain"

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What our users say...


Helen Killeen, Business Manager, Glaitness School, Orkney:
"I am impressed both as an employee and a manager with Postureminder. It helped me personally to adopt and sustain good habits when keyboarding. As a manager, the fact that employees receive integrated ergonomic training and self-assessment report as part of the software package means it is great value too!"

David Brewerton, Programmer and posture blogger at
"There are other software packages available but PostureMinder is the best Iíve seen and after two weeks Iím convinced that it is actually improving my posture and easing my pain problems"

Aaron Gammon, Professional Musician:
"Postureminder continues to help me improve my sitting position both during my day-to-day computer use, and during my regular practise as a percussionist. Used intelligently, in my case in conjunction with other techniques, Postureminder has proven itself to be an invaluable tool in my ongoing efforts to improve my posture, health, and well-being. Initial use of the software was quite an eye-opener for me! Although I felt that I was very aware of my own back problems, I was extremely surprised to what degree the posture I unconsciously felt was 'correct' actually was out of alignment. I am grateful that this intelligent software exists, has been developed and is maintained, and cannot recommend it highly enough. "

Andy Woods, PhD (Trinity College Dublin):
"Postureminder's gentle reminders to sit up straight are great - I am a psychologist and recognize that consistent unobtrusive feedback is essential in making any such change in your life. Thank you PostureMinder for improving my posture :-)"

Margaret Chou, Marketing Administrator, Lamri Ltd:
"I bought Postureminder 18 months ago and it's made a significant improvement to my working style. I spend a large proportion of the day at my desk but with Postureminder I donít end up hunched over my mouse exacerbating my shoulder problem. This is the next best thing to having my chiropractor sitting next to me and a whole lot cheaper"

Aaron Gerstonkorn, Muniworks, US:
"Really love your product, it has really kept me in the right position and helped reduce eye strain with the micro breaks"

Tim, Business Recovery Partner, leading UK accountancy firm:
"Better habits are ensuing...It's certainly helped me"

Sue, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant:
"It proved very useful in identifying when I was not sitting correctly. It helped me to improve my posture a lot. Iíd definitely recommend it to computer users, especially those with existing musculoskeletal disorders"

Liz, Software Tester, Manchester:
"I'd been having back problems for three or four years and even had to take time off work when it got too bad. I've also had physio to try to help alleviate the pain. Since I started using Postureminder my back pain has definitely improved"

Diane Kermode, MD of Beechwood Occupational Health Ltd:
"Postureminder is a good, uncomplicated product which acts as a safeguard for businesses to use to protect and educate employees. It will be very useful for those with pre-existing postural or musculoskeletal problems"

David Nesbitt, Private Chartered Physiotherapist, Whetstone, North London:
"As a physio I have found Postureminder really complemented the advice I have been giving my patients regarding posture and their working environment. A great concept, very user friendly and an essential tool for all computer-based workers"

PC Advisor magazine review:
"Postureminder is ideal for those concerned about how they sit now, or want to prevent problems in later life. The sooner you can start sitting right the better."

Michael van Straten, Health Journalist of the Year:
"Backache is one of the most common reasons for lost days at work and it's also a frequent problem for young children. Latest research shows that long periods at a computer can cause backache, pain in the neck, headaches and RSI...Around 32% of us sits for 10 or more hours each day, slouching in front of PCs and TVs. This bad posture is the trigger for back pain. [This] award-winning system will change how we all sit at computers. PostureMinder is new software that watches while you work. It sends webcam messages if you slouch, shows how to set up workstations and tells when you need a break"

Leading Physiotherapist Christopher M. Norris MSc MCSP MBAcC:
"Norris Associates have been providing occupational health services to bluechip industries in the Northwest for over 20 years now. During that time we have worked with clients such as Jaguar, Shell, Kelloggs. One of the factors which is the source of many painful conditions in office workers is prolonged sitting at a computer. This constant low level stress causes muscle fatigue, neck and shoulder pain, and back conditions. To combat this type of occupational stress our physiotherapists often recommend taking regular breaks and performing simple stretching exercises to prevent accumulated stress in the body tissues. Well, now we have found an excellent software program which encourages users to do just these things"

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